Drinkers With Writing Problems

by Dear You

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We We're from a town called Nuneaton, UK. There were three of us, Dave, Jords and Dan. We became a band, we practised a little and then we recorded this 4 song EP ourselves because we were impatient.


released August 5, 2011

Dear You



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Dear You UK

Dear You was a band. There were three of them. Dave, Jord and Kid White. Originally known as Bruce Springstein's Rolling Stones and only meaning to play one show for a friends birthday, they recorded two releases in two months of forming under a slightly better name. ... more

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Track Name: The Same Damn Songs
I hear it calling my name
from the back of a bus
it grew louder on planes
now six beating hearts
all eager to start
repeat, repeat and repeat

We were swift
we pulled our lungs apart
we lined our maps
cut through light and dark
each shared a key
and these chords for free
so we repeat
we repeat
we repeat

I've been singing the same damn songs
I've been yelling them for years
but now they're coming out wrong
my directions change
and I do too

I've seen the same old city
from a different view
it's only fleeting but they stay with you
and we will scream
we will scream
we will leave our mark
we'll burn the concrete
as the buildings park

I've seen the same fucking scenes
go racing by
in just a second they are born
then die
and they leave ghosts in our head
of the things we see
they come to life when we fall asleep
Track Name: Don't You Dare Get Over Me
I'm in the longest line behind everyone
my eyes have turned a deeper blue
my heart is jigsaw broke
and it's all because of you

At night in bed you only saw my back
things happened meant I couldn't see
and your heart was jigsaw broke
and it's all because of me

Don't call me I won't pick up
and I'll try to forget a face I never want to see
don't you dare get over me
I'll limp and I'll try my luck
the only place you'll find me is in my wildest dreams
please just don't get over me

Temporary blindness
or unwilling to see?
The blame lies with you
the blame lies with me
Track Name: Do You Have A Better Idea?
Too many bad mistakes
that were once a good idea
and all my brightest sparks
ignited all the fires that I fueled with beer

So I found a childish way
to learn an adults course
I learned that empty meant not vacant
but remorse
and I forged ahead
with trailing back

Everynight Capella falls
asleep with me

I'll be fine
on this dotted line
where I can be constantly reminded
of all the times I never followed through
and the times I did
that turned to shit
thanks to one stupid word
or an even stupider fucking action

Oh my god
I think I've gone and fucked it up
again somehow?
Track Name: These Aren't Our Chords
These aren't my words
they're someone else's
and someone else's
before them

These aren't our chords
they're someone else's
and someone else's
before them

Everything I say
is a worn out
to say exactly how it is
I have to masturbate
to articulate
and have it seep into your ears

And I try to make the words sound right
and I try but it just sounds contrite
and I try but it doesn't matter anyway

So take what I say with open heart
And I will tell you some more
we'll wake up fine in the morning
or at least we'll cling to that thought